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that killed a u.s. ambassador. >> accused nsa leaker edward snowden making new friends and maybe looking for a new home. germany maybe? >> and unearthed a drug tunnel between mexico and the united states that is so sophisticated, it is being called a supertunnel. we're going to take you on a tour. welcome to around the world". i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company today. welcome to our international viewers with us all week. >> first we're going to get to this, benghazi, libya, it was just last ept, four americans were killed in a terrorist attack. one of them the u.s. ambassador. >> today a lot of pressure from republicans in congress to hear directly from cia operatives who were in libya during the attack and also afterwards. so far they have not talked to congress. >> we here at cnn have reported the cia has specifically told those operators to keep quiet. drew griffin is with the cnn investigations unit. drew, first of all, excellent reporting on all of this. they're pushing back right now on what you're reporting. what are they saying? >> being complet
you, my friend. >>> that is all the time i have for you today. thank you so much for being with us. "around the world" starts right now. >>> hundreds of passengers and crew members scram babling to get to safety after smoke fills the cabin on board their plane. paramedics treated people at the scene, on the tarmac in montreal. all the details on that scary moment in a live report coming up. >>> then they criticized the u.s. for spying on world leaders, but it turns out brazil was doing the same thing. plus, we're learning more about the new jersey mall shooter. we'll hear from someone who was inside the mall during his shooting spree. hello, everyone. i'm in for suzanne malveaux. >>> today is election day across the united states. some very key races we're going to be looking at in many states and cities around the country. voters are casting ballots to pick mayors and governors and also decide some pretty important ballot initiatives. now, as i mentioned, some key races are taking place. they could offer clues to the presidential contest in 2016 and also the next congressional ele
the time, as well. paul callan, an danny, nice to have you both. it's been great to have you with us. suzanne malveaux along with michael holmes will take over the reins right now with "around the world." >> this is really, really like bad, worse than hell. worse than hell. >> the desperate calls for help after one of the strongest storms in history wipes with away entire towns. >> as many as 10,000 people are feared dead. survivors now desperately searching through the wreckage looking for their loved ones. >> plus the danger continues. another storm is heading to the philippines. how it will impact the recovery ahead. welcome to around the world. i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company. we'd like to welcome our viewers both here in the united states and around the world, as well. >> it is so disturbing. decomposing bodies are literally everywhere. destruction stretching across towns and villages on i land after island all in the philippines. desperation and despair is now setting in those communities. >> people struggling to grasp the enormity of the de
're real good for joining us happy thanksgiving to you and your family "around the world" starts right now. >>> winds were strong, and new york, it has to be said, they couldn't stop the balloons from flying in the macy's day parade. a live report coming up. >> thank goodness for that. >>> despite it being a family day across the country with many people off from work traditionally, some retailers, they're staying open despite 9 out of 10 americans saying they're not going to shop on thanksgiving. the retail store backlash, that's coming up. >> if you haven't guess tshgd it's thanksgiving. >> it is? >> it is. i'm hala gorani. >> i'm michael holms. >> a new thanksgiving tradition, that is shopping. more and more stores are open today, blurring the line between turkey day and black friday and hoping to get a jump start on the shopping season. >> macy's broke a 155-year tradition by staying closed on the holiday. but shopping might have a new thanksgiving ritual. most americans don't want any part of it. >> here's the polling numbers. recent university of connecticut poll shows, 93% of respon
fuentes joins us now. i know this is an unusual situation. it's not often that police have that kind of window, that amount of time to intervene in potential lay deadly shooting scenario. what was the text message and what was the warning? >> well, i think, suzanne, from what they're saying about it, is that police were notified there was something wrong with him, and they should check on his well-being. or he had said in his messages, that something bad was going to happen. now imagining or speculating about what the police would do, had they gotten to his apartment before he left and, find if he a apeered healthy, normal and was fairly articulate, i don't know what the next step would have or could have been for the police beyond that. other than to call the parents back and say we checked on him and he's fine. an then he's doing fine and normal. just depressed or upset. you know, like many people often are. i don't know if there was anything in the messages to tell the police he had an access to an assault rifle or whether it was his rifle or someone else's and he was capable of u
's known as the nuclear option. >> what does it mean? it would change a very important rule in the u.s. senate and allow just a simple majority, 51 votes to overcome a filibuster. reid says the change is needed to keep the senate from becoming obsolete. >> but republicans say, it's a bunch of pointless drama. chief congressional correspondent dana bash is on capitol hill with the details. drama or necessary? >> reporter: it depends who you ask, how's that a dodge to the question? this is something that has been boiling for some time. when you look at the to-ing and fro-ing and the partisanship and tension about filibusters, blocking a president's nom fine. since it's a democratic president, the the republicans and minority able to use their power of the philly buster to block the president's nominees. there's no question that when george bush was in the white house and democrats were in the minority here in the senate, they did the same thing. you can argue about the statistics and number of times but certainly the tool is something that both parties have used. but at this point, the d
how the world can expect to see or damaging asteroids hit earth. >>> then president obama uses it the pope uses it. you can own a piece of it, for a price. twitter goes public. >>> you're watching "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. michael holmes is off this week. talking about the strongest storm anywhere in the world this year. it's called typhoon high juhaiy equivalent to the category 5 hurricane, on measurement scale, by comparison hurricane katrina category 3 but killed 1700 people. superstorm sandy killed more than 150. thousands of people including a lot of tourists are evacuating ahead of typhoon haiyan. want to bring in chad meyers joining us from the cnn weather center. >> this is one of the top 12, the top dozen, of all storms ever seen on this planet. with the satellite or in person. that's how big this is. it is not as deep as gilbert and wilma in the atlantic, but the wind speeds are higher than those storms because of the eye is so small. this is just the most incredible picture i can show you. this eye, right there just -- it reminds me of andrew, slammin
thank you, everyone, for watching. it's great to have you with us on this holiday. we have a lot more to tell you throughout the day. "around the world" starts right "around the world" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> they lined up. they camped out. and they rushed into the stores across the country. all for a deal. oh, yeah, it's black friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. >> black eye friday in some places. it's not just happening in the u.s., by the way, deals being offered in other countries, too. take the united kingdom, for example. we also saw some pretty frenzied shopper dozen anything they could for a discount there, as well. >> this is an around the world black friday. i'm hala gorani. suzanne is off today. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for being with us. we are now 12 hours into black friday, 1 hours into the official start of the holiday shopping season. well, at least it used to be the official start. >> the many stores, as we've been reporting actually opened on thanksgiving day. you would think that might have stolen some of black
individual market, there is frequent changes in policies. people are used to increases in premiums and changes in their policies. that is something that's a reality. it should have been clarified. >> senator durbin, i do appreciate you taking the time especially with your trip to atlanta. thank you. >> thanks for watching everybody. good to have you with us. "around the world" starts right now with suzanne malveaux and now with suzanne malveaux and michael holmes. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >> fighting to survive, people in the philippines are desperate for help and things might get just worse. >> all i hear many cry, many people crying. many people say help him. >> horrific stories of families torn apart by this storm. this mother was able to save her baby, but lost her husband. >> welcome to around the world". i'm suzanne malveaux. >> ike michael holmes. we'd also like to welcome our viewer not just here in the u.s. but around the world. >> desperation intensifying across the philippines. we are talking about this. it is hard to even imagine this, but there are bodies
getting run over by a ford, ain't it? keep it classy, mayor. keep it classy. thanks for joining us, everybody. "around the world" starts right "around the world" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >> you're watching "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. we're following breaking news this hour. a virginia state senator and former candidate for governor, craig deeds in critical condition this hour with stab wounds after being attacked in his home. >> state police say another person was found dead in his home. want to go to cnn political director mark press fonton for the details. what do we know so far? >> we know in fact, virginia state police where is called to craig deeds home early this morning. they found the state senator seriously injured from the assault. they found another person deceased in the home. cray deeds was transported to charlottesville to a hospital. to tell you where he lives is in a very rural part of virginia, the far western part of virginia. cray deeds the democratic nominee for governor in 2009. when he lost, h
. for the past three weeks, people are still experiencing aftershocks. >> joining us on the phone from manila, this is 1:00 in the morning, paula hancocks can give us a sense of what is taking place. we know already, preliminary results the information coming in this thing is 300 miles across, so powerful that will 1 million folks had to be evacuated ahead of the storm. already getting reports of extensive damage. you're on the phone. tell us what you're seeing and hearing. what's taking place on the ground right now. >> well, suzanne, here in manila in the capital, it's actually quite well protected. it hasn't been hit hard by this typhoon. further south, it's definitely not the same situation. we're hearing from officials they do believe there is clearly going to be flooding. they know there's going to be extensive damage but don't know the just how widespread this damage is. this super typhoon was huge spread across a very significant amount of area. they don't know what the damage on the ground is. the communications are down. this is one of the first things that went when the super typho
will be walking in momentarily. dana bash, quickly, as we await the president, give us the big headline that he will announce. >> reporter: headline that is they are asking insurance companies to tell people who are in the individual market that got cancellation policy notices that they can keep their plans for up to one year, but only if the insurance companies tell these consumers that there are other alternatives out there and the benefits in these policies will be not up to snuff, not as good, as what is required in the obama care law. also on out for state insurance commissions. that's the gist of what we've been told the president will announce. very interesting, wolf, that house speaker used his regularly scheduled press conference, we took it live here to have a prebutle of what the president said. one of the things he noted was that american people, he said, don't trust -- they don't trust the white house anymore to make this administrative fix. that was interesting for a lot of reasons but mostly because he sees the polling, just like everybody else does, that the president's polling
democrat in 20 years to win the mayor's seat. >>> joining us from washington, wolf blitzer. what struck me were two particular states. you have virginia and new jersey, important in 2016 presidential race. virginia always this large swing state and governor chris christie. very strong in his home state. could put new jersey on the electoral map. which is really fascinating. what was your take-away? >> on the latter point you make, you're right. it could be close, because in the exit poll. we did in new jersey, we asked potentially hypothetically, would you support christie versus hillary clinton for the presidential race in 2016. and hillary clinton won, but by not many points. so new jersey, which in a presidential contest is very, very democratic, as opposed to republican. potentially could be up, if in fact christie were to run for the republican presidential nomination. all indications are, he seriously thinking about it. if he were to win, get the nomination, and hillary clinton were to get the democratic nomination, maybe even new jersey could be in play. who knows right there. i thi
system but this specific grabbed jury. >> it is good of you to join us. i do thank you especially as you just wrapped up the news conference. attorney general mike dewine, thanks very much. that is all the time we have today. but "around the world" starts right now. >> flights across the nation canceled after wild weather threatens the thanksgiving fravl everyonecy. a live report straight ahead. >> after the rough rollout of the obama care website, the president's approval rating continues to have its own set of glitches. we'll explain. >>> and then with a handshake and the stroke of a pen, iran agrees to back off its nuclear program. some call the deal a success for diplomacy. others say it's a historic failure. this is around world". i'm hallal gorani. suzanne malveaux is off. >> i'm michael holmes. let's begin with the story that will affect millions of people during one of the busiest travel times of the year. if you're not seeing this powerful storm yet, chances are you will before thanksgiving. >> there is a storm that has everything. it has rain, it has sleet. it has snow. ice and
for joining us. it's been nice to have youphju)r us. we'reÑi continuing to watch toronto live. that the city council meeting. pass you on toîñ "around the world" which starts now. >> and toronto terror in the nation's heartland. that is where we begin this hour ofsi this is neighborhoods flattens, lives shattered. at least six people." confirme stormlp ripped through the midwest. midwest. >> it's on the ground!:e"5ñit's! >> our feather who art nrt heaven,ok halls÷ the be thy wil be done. fib us ourxd trespasses as wet(e those who trespass against ust( and lead us not intoxde1 tempta but deliver us from evil. >> that prayer, ite1 the lord's prayer from i-reporter anthony curry at his home in washington, hardest hit by the killer átáip &hc i want to bring in chris cuomoe who is there. the devastation, you have seen this, beenfá in it, you've been miles in the town where you were in washington. praying. >> it's absolutelyñr true. this is a very]-: prayerful community,e1 suzanne. this was a situationspá was so sudden. yes, there was a warning snsys. people were getting alerts onq the
spirit. that it's represented here and some of us may be less talented but we all have the opportunity to serve and to open people's hearts and minds, you know, in our smaller orbits. so i hope everybody's been as inspired as i have been participating and being with these people here today. thank you very much, everybody. >> welcome back to cnn's coverage of president obama awarding the presidential medal of freedom to 16 extraordinary americans, be including former president bill clinton. the honorees ranged from the former president to talk show host oprah winfrey and the late astronaut sally ride. this is also the 50th anniversary of the award, which was brought to the nation by president john f. kennedy 50 years ago. here with me eleanor, let's start with you, the clintons and obamas, this is a big day historically. after doing this ceremony, participating in the ceremony, the 50th anniversary of the medal of freedom, they are going to going to john f. kennedy's gravesite to pay homage to a president who forever be young and popular. i think it's fair to say this is a low point for
important day in u.s. history. we are in fact, approaching the moment that assassin's bullet took the life of president john f. kennedy and shattered the nation 50 years. >> so it's an event that is still seared in the collective copeousness of this country. one of the darkest days really in this country's history. and people gathering in dallas to honor the slain president. you're looking at live pictures of dealey plaza, the scene of the tragedy. >> the city's going to hold a moment of silence at the exact time of the assassination. today's event the first time dallas zillions officially commemorating jfk's death. the first time in 50 years. of course, the eternal flame continues to burn at his grave at the arlington national cemetery. i was the 5th president and one of its most beloved leaders. >> and one of its most popular. earlier his sister jean kennedy smith helped lay a wreath at her brother's grave, she is the last surviving sibling of president kennedy. president obama has ordered flags across the united states to fly at half-staff in honor of the late president. there you see i
in fact, used crack cocaine. he is before the city council answering a number of questions. let's listen in. >> that we deliver in the city. has there been any service that's been disrupted as a result of what's been happening? or slowed down in any manner? >> simple answer, counselor, is no. >> so everything continued to function garbage pick up, turn on your tap, water comes out, everything, would? >> that's correct counselor. >> when it comes to committees, have committees continued to function and chairs attending and responding to the issues and the items on those committees? >> they all have continued, yes, counselor. >> okay. and as we know, there's a motion coming forward later. the recommendations within this motion, is there any part of this motion or these recommendations that are, in fact, enforceable or are these symbolic or are they suggestions? have you had an opportunity to have a look at that mr. city manager? >> all i would say, counselor, is as they are outlined in the motion, they are requests. >> they're requests. >> yes. >> so they're not the same type of recommenda
. overnight, we got about 3 to 4 inches. if you talk to any buffalo resident, they're used to that sort of thing. many of them are happy to see the snow back on the ground. they like that sort of thing, but the concern is for people who are traveling millions of people on the roads this wednesday trying to get in position, trying to get in place for thanksgiving. and the big concern is on the roads as things get slick and icy. for instance, here in buffalo right now, i want to go to this other camera we have set up where you can see travelers on this road. the road is clear. the plows have done their job. but we are below freezing. and where things may have gotten above freezing and gone back below, you can find icy spots. so drivers have to watch out for that as they travel from place to place. also, there were some power outtages. many of those power outtages have been remored. we're wait doing see if we get more of the lake effect showers. >> reggie jo, thanks. try to stay warm there. alina machado is at atlanta's hart field jackson airport. the busiest one in the world. i was just t
. joining us now to talk about that is law professor jonathan turley at george washington university. so based on what the president wants to do, it would in effect bypass mandates and penalties associated with obama care if he doesn't do it in the legislative sense. what authority does he have to really change or get around existing federal law passed by congress, signed by him? is it legal? >> michael, the argument of the white house is likely to be he has the inherent authority to enforce or administer the law even if it means grant ageffective extension that doesn't exist in the law. and he's relying on this deference tons federal agencies that the supreme court has recognized in cases like chevron. but this raises some serious questions, constitutional questions. i have to tell you, i don't think this is the most compelling argument. the fact is, you have a law here. this does seem to contradict it. the president's claiming the right and this is the second time he's done it with the aca, claeping the right to the effectively take parts offline, to grant something that's not there. i
in with you all as the day goes on. >> now we have breaking news coming into us. the supreme court has agreed to review some provisions of obama care particularly those that repair employees of a certain size to offer health insurance when it comes to birth control and other reproductive health services without a copay. so that is the provision of obama care that would be reviewed by the court. mark preston is in washington with more on the significance of this. what might be decided at the supreme court level? >> well is, hala, what we'll find out from the supreme court, we won't hear from them probably till march or april of the next year is whether this provision can withstand in the affordable care act. and what has happened is we had this very large craft store that's based out of oklahoma city called hobby lobby who opposed it. they opposed this provision because they do not want to have a to pay for contraception. they don't believe that it is right. they think it goes against their religious values and they feel like it is being imposed upon them. i have to tell you, whenever you're o
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